Tax evasion combating policy

The Mendora LLP tax strategy consists basically of ensuring compliance with applicable tax laws and regulations and seeking to establish an appropriate coordination of the tax practices followed by the companies of the Group, all within the framework of fulfilling the corporate interest and supporting a long-term business strategy that avoids tax risks and inefficiencies in the implementation of business decisions To that end, the Company takes into account all legitimate interests, including public interests, that converge in its business. In this connection, the taxes that the Group pays in the countries and territories in which it does business are its main contribution to the funding of public purpose needs and, accordingly, one of its contributions to society and to the achievement of goal. Mendora LLP manage tax by focusing on the below objectives.

Approach to tax risk management and governance. Our tax strategy is owned by the Mendora LLP Tax Department and the Senior Accounting Officer of Mendora LLP is responsible for its delivery. Mendora LLP aim for our tax affairs to be compliant with UK tax legislation and the directors across all UK companies in the UK are committed to the delivery of tax compliance.  We have an established business-wide risk management process which is embedded within the organisation to support the identification and effective management of risks across the business, including tax. Mendora LLP is actively reviewing and updating its tax reporting, tax risk management and governance processes, including how tax risk is identified, assessed and mitigated.  Our UK-specific tax risk management framework, which facilitates the capturing of key UK tax risks such that they can be mitigated through the operation of effective controls, is also undergoing current review. The Senior Accounting Officer of Mendora LLP is accountable in ensuring all tax filings are made in a timely manner, compliant with UK tax law and that any required tax payments are made on time. All individuals with a tax responsibility are suitably qualified to understand tax issues and keep up to date on tax through training and updates from tax advisors. The Mendora LLP Tax Department reviews all material corporate transactions and external advisors are consulted as necessary when faced with uncertainty, significant transactions or when specialist tax input is required to properly assess and manage significant tax-related risks.

Attitude towards tax planning. Our attitude to tax risk and tax planning is carefully aligned to the strategic and commercial objectives of Mendora LLP and we do not enter into any aggressive tax planning arrangements. We aim to comply with all applicable UK laws and regulations, however we will consider the most tax efficient way to undertake business transactions to deliver value to our stakeholders where appropriate. Advantages of available tax reliefs, incentives and exemptions, include available tax deductions on capital investments. These are only taken if aligned with commercial and economic activity, are not opposed to the spirit of the law, and are offered to all taxpayers by the UK government.

We will strive to be tax efficient as we grow our business. Our tax activities shall not compromise our ethical principles or cause damage to the reputation of Mendora LLP.