We have very good news for webmasters. Our team decided to organise for webmasters possibility to earn much more.

We called — WELCOME BONUS! Period of this challenge is Aug 27, 2018 to Nov 27, 2018.

We work as CPA platform. We work with webmasters as CPA platform, which include constant work with webmasters and publishers. For now we have one publisher, who has different 6 offers. All conditions concerning your interest for the offer you can find inside the system.

What do we mean by confirmed leads in our system?

These are the leads which are confirmed by advertisers call-center. When a call-center confirms your lead, you’ll get reword on your balance.

Every webmaster in our system can get the prize from us. You have all chances to increase your fee! Be first and register now!

  • 10 000 confirmed leads. Prize - 20 000 EUR
  • 5 000 confirmed leads. Prize - 7 500 EUR
  • 1 000 confirmed leads. Prize - 1 000 EUR

What should you do for this challenge?

  1. Register in an affiliate network
  2. Attract traffic for our offers
  3. Make 1000, 5000 or 10000 confirmed leads starting from Aug 27, 2018 to Nov 27, 2018.

If you have questions or some ideas, ask your personal support manager.